Mission Statement

Counseling Associates, Inc. exists to provide a full continuum of innovative, community-based behavioral health care services to enhance the quality of life for individuals in our community.

We deliver the highest quality services designed and delivered in a way that respects and enhances the independence and decision-making of our clients while conforming with national accreditation standards.

Core Values

We believe that our clients are our highest priority. They are the reason CA exists.

We believe in the preservation of human dignity, self-respect and client rights in a caring environment.

We believe that services should be consumer-based, easily accessible and continually evaluated for improvement.

We believe in the person-centered approach to care. The clients and families are encouraged to become involved in their loved ones treatment.

We believe that CA should be responsive to the behavioral health care needs of its communities and should direct its resources to meet those needs in a cost effective manner.

We believe in advocating for clients in a manner that will reduce stigma and promote the elimination of discrimination through the education of the community and other stakeholders.

We believe that CA should be a good corporate citizen of the community, maintaining communications with the various communities we serve and participating actively in community affairs, particularly related to behavioral health care.

We believe workforce members are entitled to work in an environment characterized by clear communication, teamwork and trust.